IT Committees


Two primary committees exist to take input from the HSU community to ITS. This infrastructure gives students, staff and faculty easy-access channels through which they can make suggestions, proposals, and gain insight into ITS decision-making processes.

The two primary ITS committees are:

  • The Project Prioritization Committee, which determines the priority level for each project submitted to the ITS Project Office
  • The IT Council, which acts as an unofficial affiliation of IT staff at Humboldt State University and includes representatives from every department

The IT Council also incorporates two working groups:

  • Desktop Support identifies problems related to desktop computer support university-wide, and develops strategies for the promotion of effective computer use by students, faculty, and staff
  • Network Advisory identifies and advises on issues concerning campus network practices and responds to specific requests for information or guidance from the IT Council and CIO.

Who's it for?

Additional Information

Learn more about how the project prioritization process works.

You can read more about the IT Council's mission, functions, and internal structure in the organization's charter.

Accessing This Service

Please reference the IT Advisory Flowchart for more information on how university students, staff, faculty, and administration can provide input to the Information Technology Council.

Projects are submitted to the Project Prioritization Committee by ITS staff members working with the broader HSU community on individual project proposals.

Using This Service

To submit suggestions and comments to the IT Council, identify the Council member for your area and liaise with them.

Work with the ITS staff member responsible for your project to provide additional input as required to the Project Prioritization Committee.

Frequently Asked Questions

The activities of the ITS committees are governed by the CSU Responsible Use Policy.