Classroom Technology Equipment Checkout & Rental


Classroom Technology Services provides a wide range of multimedia and computer equipment to faculty, and to students with faculty approval, for use in the presentation of instructional materials. Equipment is also available for rental purposes to the community and for special events. Priority is always given to classroom academic use, so be aware that equipment may sometimes not be available for community and special event rentals.

Equipment is normally checked out on a 24 hour basis; however, equipment checked out after 3:00 pm on Friday is not due back until 8:00 am on Monday.The appropriate type of equipment and length of time it may be checked out is determined through consultation with Classroom Technology Services staff. Requests are prioritized according to need and availability.

Who's it for?

System Configuration

Assistance with configuration of media equipment for use in instructional situations on campus is available from Classroom Technology Services at (707) 826-3166.

For rental equipment used on campus, setup assistance is available at $15/hour for student-level support and $30/hour for professional-level support.

For rental equipment used off-campus, setup assistance is available for $50 in the Arcata area and $75 outside the Arcata area.

Additional Information

For instructional use, please consult the equipment checkout list for availability.

For rental use, please consult the rental equipment list for pricing of individual items; bear in mind that rental agreements may be cancelled if academic use is requested for the same equipment at the same time.

Classroom Technology Services is funded by Academic Affairs for the purpose of providing equipment and services in support of instructional programs. All requests for equipment loans or services from individuals and agencies for non-instructional purposes are subject to a service or use charge to compensate the instructional program for use of the resources.

Accessing This Service


Walk-in service is available during the below hours in Gist Hall, Room 221. Outside of Spring and Fall terms, the office is not fully staffed; call (707) 826-3166 to make arrangements for equipment.

Terms Days Times
Spring Monday-Friday 8am-5pm
Fall Monday-Friday 8am-5pm
Summer Monday-Friday 9am-12 noon

Student access procedure

Students may use this equipment under direct supervision of faculty provided they have completed and turned in the Equipment Use Proxy form to the Classroom Technology Services Office, Gist Hall, Room 221. A paper version is also available at the office. The form must be completed and signed by a supervising faculty member and by the student intending to use the equipment before it can be checked out.

Using This Service

Training & orientation

Classroom Technology Services offers free training and orientation for faculty in the use of University-owned equipment. Please ask for help or advice if you're unsure about the use of any equipment; students will gain the maximum benefit from the use of technology in the classroom if the instructor is familiar and comfortable with the equipment.


Under state law, rental clients using state-owned media equipment are responsible for its full value and must protect items from theft, loss, or damage. All equipment must be returned as scheduled. Financial responsibility for replacement or repair in case of negligent damage or loss lies with the rental client.


For rental use, please consult the rental equipment list for pricing of individual items. Unique uses of classroom technology equipment is subject to special pricing.

Frequently Asked Questions

Classroom Technology Services is located in Gist Hall, Room 221


Use of University-owned media equipment is governed by the Classroom Technology Chargeback Policy.