Pay-for-Print is coming Fall 2010!

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Each year, over 4 million pages are printed in interdisciplinary labs and approximately 400,000 pages are wasted each semester. Students are charged a $5 'paper fee' to cover the costs of printing, but most students print far less than what the fee covers and end up subsidizing the few who print far more. To address the issues of waste and fairness, all student computer labs (including college labs) will utilize a “pay-per-page” system starting in Fall 2010.

Also, starting Fall 2010, the $5 per term ‘paper fee’ will no longer be charged at registration. Instead, students will use their c-card funds to pay for all printouts in all computer labs across campus. Black and white printouts will cost 4 cents per page. The cost for other types of prints (color, large format) will vary.

Get the full story here. Instructions are available for Windows, Macintosh and Linux

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