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All Smart Classrooms at Humboldt State University are equipped with enhanced technology. Comfortable podium-style consoles house a wide range of multimedia and computer equipment connected to LCD projection for bright, clear imagery. Classroom Technology Services staff collaborates with faculty and conducts ongoing research into emerging teaching technologies to ensure HSU Smart Classrooms meet the instructional needs of today's students and faculty.

Equipment has recently been updated to improve performance in Smart Classrooms as follows:

  • New computers: SH109, SH110, SH115, SH116, ARTA027, HGH204, HGH225, HGH226, WFB250, BSS204, FH111 and FH179
  • New amplifiers: FOR201, FH108, FH181, FH178, FH177, TA114, SH128, SA460, SH120, FH235, FH236, FH204 and FH206
  • New projectors: ARTA027, FH125, FH202, FH236, HGH226, KA104, KA106, WLD258, FOR105, FOR107, FOR201, NR201, SB135 and SH120

If you experience any problems with Smart Classroom facilities or equipment, please contact the Technology Help Desk at (707) 826-HELP (4357). And don't forget to contact Classroom Technology Services at (707) 826-3166 to schedule an orientation before your first class!


Not all Smart Classrooms have identical equipment. To ensure successful lectures and presentations using instructional technology, faculty are advised to review the instructions for the room's equipment and schedule an orientation session for each individual room they will be using. Refresher orientations are also recommended for those who have not used Smart Classrooms recently - these facilities are frequently upgraded to improve their effectiveness.

To schedule an orientation, call the Classroom Technology Services office at (707) 826-3166 or send an email request.

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