Software Downloads

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Below you'll find download links and setup instructions for some of the most popular software applications used on campus. Microsoft Office products are available to faculty and staff by contacting your area ITC or submitting a support request, and to students through the HSU Bookstore. 



Download / Purchase

7-Zip :: Windows   Download 7-Zip
Ad-aware   Download Ad-aware
Adobe Acrobat Instructions Download Acrobat
Camtasia Studio (Mac and Windows)   Download Camtasia Studio (For Faculty and Staff only)
Cyberduck (SFTP for Mac OS X)   Download Cyberduck
Firefox   Download Firefox
Fugu (SFTP for Mac OS X)   Download Fugu
Internet Explorer   Download IE
Jelly FiSSH (Mac OS X)   Download Jelly FISSH
MalwareBytes (Windows)   Download MalwareBytes
Microsoft Office University Edition Updates Purchase at HSU Bookstore
Minitab   Download Minitab
PuTTY (Windows)   Download PuTTY
QVTNet (Windows)   Download QVTNet
Microsoft Security Essentials   Download Microsoft Security Essentials
WinSCP (SSH for Windows)   Download WinSCP
Stuffit (Mac OS X)   Download Stuffit Mac
Stuffit (Windows)   Download Stuffit Win
TurningPoint 5.3.1. (Mac & Windows)   Download TurningPoint
UltimateZip (Windows)   Download UltimateZip
WinSCP (Windows)   Download WinSCP
WinZip (Windows)   Download WinZip


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