Web :: Activating MySQL on the Central Web Server

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Follow these steps to create your MySQL account:

  1. Log into the Account Center
  2. Click the "Account Tools" tab
  3. Click “Manage Your Other Accounts”
  4. Click “Manage My Sites”
  5. Click "Tools"
  6. Click "Request a MySQL account" and follow the on-screen instructions. You may need to specify the site you are working with.

Setting Your User Name and Password

Your MySQL user name and password must be different from your regular HSU account credentials to protect the security of your personal and web account data. If you forget your MySQL user name or password, you can return to the "Request a MySQL Account" screen and change the information.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Do not make any file that contains a password to a database, such as a config file, universally readable.

Accessing your MySQL Account

To access your MySQL account in order to create tables and other onscreen data displays for your website, use PHPMyAdmin (MySQL login credentials required). To reference your MySQL account in config files, use the host name hsuweb-mysql.humboldt.edu.

Content Management Systems

HSU has adopted Drupal as the campus-wide content management system. Drupal is centrally managed, and patched and updated at regular intervals, so for security reasons please do not install any other content management system on the Central or User Web Servers. Any account that is found to be using another content management system will be immediately shut down.

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