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If you are not migrating your sites to the Drupal platform yet, you still need to move them off the old web server (Sorrel) before October 18, 2011, when Sorrel will be permanently retired.

After you ensure your sites meet accessibility standards, migrating them to the new servers is as simple as downloading the current sites, changing the settings in your site management software (Dreamweaver, SFTP, etc.), and uploading them to the new server.

Dreamweaver users:

  1. Synchronize (download or get) the entire site to your local computer.
  2. Edit the Remote Info of your Site Definition (Site > Manage Sites > Edit) to match these settings:
    1. Server Address: www2.humboldt.edu
    2. Host directory: sitename/public_html
    3. Check the Use Secure FTP box for secure authentication
    4. Use YOUR HSU User Name and Password
  3. Synchronize (upload or put) your entire site to the new server.

SFTP users:

  1. Connect to Sorrel (the old server):
    1. Server Address: sorrel.humboldt.edu
    2. Use your Sorrel account user name and password
  2. Download (or get) the entire site to your local computer (you may just need the contents of the public_html folder)
  3. Connect to the new server:
    1. Server Address: www2.humboldt.edu
    2. Use YOUR HSU User Name & Password
  4. Navigate to sitename/public_html
  5. Upload (or put) your entire site to the new server; if your site also included items not stored in the public_html folder, move those to the nonweb_directory).

If you use some other program (NVU, FrontPage, etc.), or you don't know what you had before, it is safest to follow the instructions for SFTP users above.

A Note on Broken Links

You're almost guaranteed to find some broken links after moving your site, which you'll need to fix to bring your site back into compliance with HSU policy and for the sake of your users. These guidelines will help you to fix those broken links quickly and painlessly.

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