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Clickers :: Information for Students

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The Turning Point technology installed at HSU supports two clicker models:

ResponseCard RF LCDResponseCard RF

Please do not use any other device; if you do, responses may not be recorded accurately.

Registering your clicker in Moodle

You will need to register your clicker once per semester via Moodle. Your instructor will let you know if clickers are required for any classes during each semester. If you need to replace your clicker for any reason, you will need to re-register your device in your class; it's a good idea to let your instructor know you have a new clicker to ensure your work is properly credited.

  1. Log into myHumboldt using your HSU User Name and Password. Click the Moodle button in the upper right-hand corner above your name.
  2. Log into the class for which your instructor has told you clickers are required via the My HSU class page.
  3. Locate the Turning Technologies Block on your Course page. If it is missing, contact your instructor.
  4. Select Response Card Registration.
  5. Select the appropriate clicker image and enter the code from the back of your device (six letters and numbers).
  6. Select Register

If you experience problems with your clicker

Before contacting HSU Clicker Student Support, double-check the following:

  1. That your device is registered in Moodle
    • Log into myHumboldt using your HSU User Name and Password. Click the Moodle button in the upper right-hand corner above your name.
    • Select a class using clickers
    • Look in Register Response Card.
    • Verify that there is a device listed
  2. That you entered the device code correctly
    • While you're still in Moodle (previous steps)
      • Make sure the device code matches your device. The code from the back of your device (six letters and numbers) should match the listing in Moodle.
      • If it does not match, edit Moodle to match your device.
  3. That you have reviewed the entire grade book for clicker points for your class
  4. That you are on the correct channel for your classroom (the default channel in classes is Channel 41). To change the channel:
    • Press and release the Ch or Channel button (The light will flash red and green)
    • While the light is flashing red and green, enter the 2-digit code for the channel (i.e.: channel 1 = 01, channel 41 = 41)
    • Press the Ch or Channel button again to confirm the change.
  5. That your instructor has posted clicker points
    • Instructors might choose not to post points immediately.

What do the flashing lights on the clicker mean?

The clicker light can help alert you to what is happening with the clicker.

  • Red - Response was not received
  • Green - Response was received
  • Red and green (flashing) - The Channel button has been pressed. Press Channel again to stop.
  • Yellow (multiple flashing) - Sending your response
  • Yellow (single flash) - Polling not yet open by the instructor.

If you are still having problems, please email the HSU Clicker Student Support at clicker.help@humboldt.edu. The HSU Clicker Support Team can assist you with hardware and registration problems with your clicker only. They have no control over your grades or points in the class. All clicker and grade specific questions should be directed to your TA or instructor.


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