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Hosted Service

All students, faculty and staff are provided an email account in Humboldt State's hosted Google Apps service for the entire time they are associated with HSU. The name of that Google Apps domain is Additional email server account information can be found at Central Systems Account & Activation.

Activate Your Account - Instructions for activating your email account.


Ownership of Campus Email

Email sent or received through the official campus system is part of official campus business and is the property of the campus. 

Preferred Email Account Options

Email Address and Campus List Options - Establish a preferred email address for all HSU electronic correspondence, and choose which automatically distributed university email messages you want to receive.

Personalized Email Alias for Faculty and Staff

Email Address Alias - A service which assigns an HSU email account an alias comprised of your first and last name. The service includes the ability to create two additional informal aliases.

Accessing Your Mail

Gmail  - HSU has provided a hosted web-based email service through Gmail that allows you to access your email from any computer that has a Web browser and access to the Internet both on and off campus. To access your email, simply log into the myHumboldt portal with your HSU User Name and Password and click on the Gmail link at the top right of the page.

Practical Uses

Google Groups  - Anyone with an HSU User Name and Password can set up and manage Google Groups following the instructions in Gmail.

University Notices - The university notices email service enables authorized HSU account owners to send a message to all faculty, staff and/or students with active HSU email accounts.

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