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Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP) is a process that enables you to transfer files between computers securely. SFTP is Humbold State University's preferred method for transferring files to your Network Folder, as it ensures that all file transfers meet the University's data protection compliance requirements. If you need to access folders other than your Network Folder remotely, please talk to your ITC about appropriate alternatives.

Depending on which operating system you use, you may need to install special SFTP software. Click the appropriate link under Connection Instructions below to determine the requirements for your system.

Note: Command line (terminal or SSH) access is not permitted for file transfers to Network Folders.

Before you begin

To set up an SFTP connection, you will need the following information:

  1. Your HSU User Name (the part of your campus email address before the @ symbol). If you do not know your HSU User Name, you can find it by logging into the Account Center and clicking "Personal Information." You can also contact the Technology Help Desk at (707) 826-4357.
  2. The server address:

Connection Instructions

Click the appropriate link below for instructions on how to connect to the Network Folders from your system.

Windows Vista/7

Macintosh OS X


If You Have Problems

Contact the Technology Help Desk at (707) 826-HELP (4357), fill out a support request form, or stop by Library 120.

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