Network Folders :: SFTP Connection Guide - Windows Vista/7

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Humboldt State University recommends using the WinSCP application for Windows because it supports secure file transfer connections. You will need to install WinSCP before following the instructions below, which are based on WinSCP 5.1.1

Please note that command line (terminal or SSH) access is not permitted on this server.

  1. Open WinSCP.
  2. Click "Session" on the toolbar.
  3. Be sure the File Protocol is set to SFTP
  4. Enter the following information:
    1. Host Name:
    2. User Name: Your HSU UserName (i.e. abc123)
    3. Password: Your password
  5. Click "Login"
  6. If prompted, click "Yes" to save the identifying host key. It should match ssh-rsa 2048 db:c5:4a:bd:da:ae:5f:e4:fd:c6:8c:5d:6b:c3:d1:41
  7. Save this connection information so that you can easily call it up the next time you need to use it. Here's how:
    1. Click Session > Save Session
    2. Name your connection (HSU Network Folder or something easily identifiable).
    3. Click "Save session"
    4. The next time you want to access your HSU folder, open WinSCP Session > Stored sessions

Problems Connecting?

Contact the Technology Help Desk at (707) 826-HELP (4357), send email to, submit a ticket at, or stop by Library 120.

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