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Frequently Asked Questions - Google Apps

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That's entirely possible. Although there are no firm plans at this time, we'll keep you posted as to new developments on that front. If you have a good academic reason that we should add a particular application, please tell your ITC or submit a request to the Technology Help Desk to start the ball rolling.

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Yes, the Training & Professional Development department offers a number of introductory classes covering different Google applications. You'll find details and schedules on their website.

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Not directly, no. However, HSU does make extensive use of YouTube as a distribution mechanism, since it allows for closed captions to be applied relatively easily. If you have questions about YouTube that are not covered by YouTube's own online help facilities, you may want to contact HSU's Classroom Technology Services department to see if they can help.

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Cloud-based applications live on the Internet rather than on your local computer (cloud is really just another word for the Internet). The major advantage for you as a user is that you can access those applications wherever you are, as long as you have an Internet connection. You can choose to store the documents associated with those applications in the cloud too, so you can access the equivalent of your working desktop wherever you are.

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HSU currently supports

While you can use other Google applications, you may need to log into Google again using your personal Google account rather than your HSU account. Some applications require a download; if this is the case, please download to your personal system, not HSU-owned equipment.

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Google provides many different applications.  HSU makes several available, but is only able to fully support (answer detailed questions about) the core applications. The rest are available to you, but the Technology Help Desk won't be able to answer questions about them.  


Available (but unsupported)

  • Google Talk
  • 3D Warehouse
  • FeedBurner
  • Fusion Tables
  • Google Analystics
  • Google App Engine
  • Google Bookmarks
  • Google Books
  • Google Chrome Sync
  • Google Code
  • Google Custom Search
  • Google Finance
  • Google Friend Connect
  • Google Help
  • Google in Your Language
  • Google Latitude
  • Google Map Maker
  • Google Maps
  • Google Moderator
  • Google News
  • Google Places
  • Google Public Data
  • Google Reader
  • Google Sidewiki
  • Google Translator Toolkit
  • Google Voice
  • Google Webmaster Tools
  • iGoogle
  • Knol
  • Orkut
  • Panoramio
  • Web History
  • Website Optimizer
  • YouTube
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Google Apps uses "cookies" to indicate that you are logged in. Occasionally, clicking on "logout" does not successfully delete the "cookie" that indicates that you are logged in, and returning to the Google Apps page restores your previous session. To solve this problem, click Logout, close all browser windows, and restart your browser.

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Occasionally, Google redirects you to the regular Gmail login screen instead of the HSU login screen.

If this happens to you, you should check your bookmark and make sure it's pointing to  See Bookmarking Online Services.

As a quick fix, simply enter your email address ( in the Username field.  Leave the password field blank.  Click Sign in.  Google will redirect you to the HSU login page.

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Go to  Click on the Google login link and login with your  HSU User Name and Password.  Once we get the entire campus moved over, you won't have to click a link to login.