Blocked Email Attachments

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Email attachments using the following file extensions are blocked by GMail and Outlook. This list is subject to change as needed for security.

File Type File
File Type
.ade Microsoft Access project extension .msc Microsoft Common Console document
.adp Microsoft Access project .msp Windows Installer patch
.bat Batch file .mst Visual Test source files
.chm Compiled HTML help file .pif Shortcut to MS-DOS program
.cmd Windows NT command script .scr Screen saver
.com MS-DOS program .sct Windows script component
.cpl Control Panel extension .shb Shell scrap object
.dll Dynamic-link library .sys Windows device driver
.exe Executable program .vb VBScript file
.hta HTML program .vbe VBScript encoded script file
.ins Internet Naming Service .vbs Visual Basic script file
.isp Internet communication settings .vxd Windows device driver
.jse JavaScript encoded script file .wsc Windows script component
.lib Static library .wsf Windows script file
    .wsh Windows script host settings file

Any attempt to send a file with one of the above extensions via email will result in an error message similar to the one below:

Google Apps error message

HSU's email network will not accept emails with these types of files attached, even if they are sent in a compressed (.zip, .tar, .tgz, .taz, .z, .gz) format. If this type of message is sent to your HSU email address, it will be bounced back to the sender automatically.

To safely transfer files on this list to another person, please use SFTP to upload the file(s) to your Network Folder.


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