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Policy :: Information Security Policies and Standards

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The Humboldt State University Information Security Policy comprises policies, standards, guidelines, and procedures pertaining to information security. The information contained in these documents is largely developed and implemented at the CSU level, although some apply only to HSU or a specific department.

To access the details of a specific policy, click on the relevant policy topic in the table below. You can also navigate to the relevant Supplemental Policies, Standards, and Guidelines and Procedures by clicking on the appropriate ► in the table; where more than one document of a particular type is associated with a particular  topic, clicking the ► will open a separate web page with links to relevant documents.

Note that, to access documents linked from the Guidelines and Procedures columns below, you'll need an active HSU User Name and Password.



Policy Topic

Supplemental Policies


Procedures & Guidelines

8000.0 Introduction and Scope      
8005.0 Policy Management      
8010.0 Establishing an Information Security Program      
8015.0 Organizing Information Security      
8020.0 Information Security Risk Management
8025.0 Privacy of Personal Information    
8030.0 Personnel Information Security    
8035.0 Information Security Awareness and Training      
8040.0 Managing Third Parties      
8045.0 Information Technology Security    
8050.0 Configuration Management      
8055.0 Change Control    
8060.0 Access Control      
8065.0 Information Asset Management  
8070.0 Information Systems Acquisition, Development and Maintenance      
8075.0 Information Security Incident Management      
8080.0 Physical Security  
8085.0 Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery    
8090.0 Compliance  
8095.0 Policy Enforcement      
8100.0 Electronic and Digital Signatures    
8105.0 Responsible Use Policy      


Applicable CSU & HSU Policies for Storage of Level 1 Data

Complete CSU Information Security Policy Document

HSU Information Technology Policies

State & Federal Information Security Laws & Regulations


Standards and Practices for Telecommunications Projects

The installation of cabling and network equipment follows standard procedures as set out in the Chancellor's Office Telecommunications Infrastructure Planning Standards (TIP) document.

A comprehensive set of documentation may be found on the HSU Telecommunications & Networking Standards & Practices page.

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