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Adobe Acrobat Pro lets users create industry-standard portable documents using the PDF format. HSU has campus-wide license, so anyone associated with the University, with the exception of auxiliary organizations, can use the software on HSU-owned equipment. Students will also find it handy for creating a printable document when you don't have access to a printer or you're out of c-card funds.

Who's it for?

System Configuration

Adobe Acrobat Pro runs under Windows or Mac OS X; the HSU license covers both platforms.

Additional Information

ITS does not provide support for Adobe Acrobat Pro. Please contact the vendor for assistance with the software.

Note that the HSU-licensed software may currently only be installed on University-owned systems.

Accessing This Service

To learn where Adobe Acrobat Pro is installed on campus, click

Using This Service

The software comes with an extensive help file and documentation, and you'll also find plenty of information on the Acrobat website.


Please refer to the Law & Policy section of the ITS website at for information about policies relevant to software usage.