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If you need to develop a site that will be hosted on the Central Web Server, you'll need to follow this process.

  1. Register as a Developer
  2. Take the ATI Training Survey
  3. Complete Required Training
  4. Be Assigned as a Developer

Note: If you are a contractor and do not have an HSU User Name and Password, the site owner will need to request an account for you. To do this, they should complete the Account Request Form, selecting "University Contractor" as the account type.

1.  Register as a Developer

To be approved as a site developer on the HSU Central Web Server, you must first take the Accessibility Training Initiative (ATI) Survey and complete the required training. This will ensure that the sites you develop are accessible to everyone in the HSU community.

2. Take the ATI Training Survey

By completing this survey, you'll know which training modules you'll need to complete in order to register as a developer on the Central Web Server.

  1. Log into the Account Center
  2. Click the "Account Tools" tab
  3. Click “Manage Other Accounts”
  4. Click “Become a Developer”
  5. Click "Take the ATI Training Survey" and answer the questions to the best of your knowledge and ability.

Note: If your responsibilities change - for example, you were initially only creating documents but now you need to post them as well - you will need to retake this survey. But if you register as a developer for one site and later need to be a developer on another site with similar responsibilities, you will not need to retake the survey.

3. Complete the Required Training

When you've completed the survey, your name will automatically be added to the appropriate ATI courses in Moodle. There may be a time lag of up to an hour before these courses appear in your Moodle course list. You must complete all of these courses before you can start working on your site. If you want to track your progress:

  1. Log into the Account Center
  2. Click the "Account Tools" tab
  3. Click “Manage Your Other Accounts”
  4. Click “Request A Web Site”
  5. Click "Complete Required ATI Training Modules"

Note: Once you have completed the required courses, you will not have to re-take them before working on other sites. However, you may have to take additional courses if your level of responsibility changes - for example, if you are the owner for one site and the developer for another.

4.  Be Assigned as a Developer

There's one final step before you can start work on a site - the site owner must assign you to his or her site. To do this, the site owner needs to:

  1. Log into the Account Center
  2. Click the "Account Tools" tab
  3. Click “Manage Your Other Accounts”
  4. Click “Manage Web Sites”
  5. Click "Assign a Developer"
  6. Follow the on-screen instructions to assign you as a developer


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