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Osprey Spring 2001

License to ill
Shedding light on a growing controversy

The Times are not a changin'

Where was Bret's Harte?
A local legend re-examined

I was a congressional intern

Congress according to Bob
Reflections of a conservative's crusade

Speaking up in America
Living in another language

Real de Catorce
An HSU student's rocky road to paradise

Mardi Gras
More than just boobs, booze and beads

When in Venice
Roaming Italy's capital of romance

7,200 miles on a Harley

Fine art in a little town

From Eureka to China
Mp3's make a small world after all

In the Maul
Women ruggers scrum together and take charge

Finding balance
Gymnastics teaches children how to twist and tumble through life's challenges

Editor: Katherine Kovacich

Managing/ Layout Editor: Jennifer McFerrin

Copy Editor: J. Thomas Morgan

Photo Editor: Shannon Dybvig

Graphics Editor: Kevin Bell

Travel Editor: Mary Ann Cruse

Special Assignments Editor: Tami Miller

Ad Manager: Jon Broenen

Ad Designer: Jennifer McFerrin

Online Editor: Pieter Konink

Adviser: George Estrada

Joyce Baltierra, Sarah Cladwell, Nicole Casey, Robyn Eisenstark, Jeff Graham, Linda Lyman, Ben Matthias, Marissa Mourer, James Parker, Nathan Rushton, Wendy Smestad, Laura Tankersley, Bob Todd, Jarrod Valline, Jenny Walker, Jen Watkins, Melody Wendorf, Kym Wesley, Alexander Westbrook

Osprey Spring 2001

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Osprey Magazine and Osprey Online are productions of students enrolled in Journalism and Mass Communications 325, Magazine Workshop, at Humboldt State University in Arcata, California.