Staff and Faculty

The KRA faculty represent a range of disciplines within the field that provides students with a comprehensive curriculum to ensure they are top in their field. CLICK HERE FOR A LIST OF FACULTY OFFICE HOURS FOR THE SPRING 2015 SEMESTER

Department Chair
Name Phone Email Office
Chris Hopper Chris Hopper
Department Chair
707.826.3853 KA 348
Department Staff
Name Phone Email Office
Margaret Griggs
Administrative Support Coordinator I
707.826.4537 KA 305
Madison Kirkpatrick
Student Assistant/ Lock and Locker Room Coordinator
707.826.4532 KA 305
Kim Moon Kim Moon
Administrative Support Coordinator II
707.826.4538 KA 305
Kinesiology Faculty
Name Phone Email Office
Sheila Alicea
Assistant Professor
707.826.3841 KA 324
Taylor Bloedon
Assistant Professor/Nutrition
707.826.4318 KA 326
Rock Braithwaite
Professor/Graduate Program Coordinator
707.826.4543 KA 332
Seán Healy
Assistant Professor/Pedagogy, APE
707.826.4541 KA 340
Young Sub Kwon
Assistant Professor/ Director, Human Performance Lab
707.826.5944 KA 328
Tina Manos
Associate Professor
707.826.5962 KA 330
Kathy Munoz
Health Education Professor
707.826.3840 Online Teacher, No Office
Justus Ortega
Associate Professor/Director, Biomechanics Lab
707.826.4274 KA 336
Richard Stull
Professor KA 328
Recreation Administration Faculty
Name Phone Email Office
Geneviève Marchand
Assistant Professor
707.826.4591 KA 338
Jayne McGuire
Associate Professor
707.826.3735 KA 322
Jennifer Ortega
Lecturer: Environmental Education
707.826.3378 KA 308
Donna Wood
Lecturer: Recreation Leadership
707.826.3378 KA 308
Name Phone Email Office
Richard Alvarez
Dive Safety Officer
707.826.4539 KA 310
Antone Blair
Lecturer: Fencing
707.826.4318 KA 316
Christine Dobrowolski
Lecturer: Health Education
707.826.4536 Online Teacher, No Office
Enrique Esparza
Lecturer: Physical Education Pedagogy
707.826.4536 KA 305
Patrick Hyland Patrick Hyland
Human Performance Lab Coordinator
707.826.5971 KA 228
Peggy Ilene
Lecturer: Aikido
707.826.4318 KA 316
Kristen Ince
Lecturer: Stretch and Relaxation Technique & Yoga
707.826.4128 KA 312
Lisa Jennings
Lecturer: Pilates
707.826.4128 KA 312
Krista Landing
Lecturer: Kinesiology Pedagogy, Soccer, Badminton, Tennis
707.826.4533 KA 314
Beth Larson, M.S.
North Coast Concussion Program Coordinator
707.826.3533 KA 334
Katlyn Mannatt
Lecturer: KINS 380
707-826-5967 KA 326
Sally Mircetich
Lecturer: Elementary School Physical Education
707.826.4536 KA 305
Steve Monk
Boating Safety Officer
707.826.4539 KA 310
Dan Perez
Self Defense & Kickboxing Instructor
707.826.5964 KA 316
Drew Peterson
Lecturer: Strength Fitness
707.826.4519 SRC 183
Paula Scott
Lecturer: Yoga
707.826.5964 KA 316
Cheri Thompson
Aquatics Coordinator
707.826.5941 KA 111A