Frequently Asked Questions

Our advisors schedule their own appointments. You need to contact them (personal contact, phone, or email) and set up an appointment to see them. If you go to the Staff & Faculty page on this website you can find your advisor's email and phone number.

You can find out who your advisor is by logging on to your Student Center and looking at the 5th box down to the right titled Advisor. Your advisor's name will be printed inside that box.

To assist our students in achieving a successful college experience, a suggested 4-year pathway (Major Academic Plan) has been developed to use as a planning guide. View the 4-year pathway.

Students swim for free with HSU ID.

You can go onto your Student Center, click on Self-Service at the top of the page, click Campus Finances, click Make a Payment (you will be redirected to CASHNet), and Rent a Locker will be one of the choices. You can also go to the Cashier's Office (SBS 285) and pay for your locker rental there. Once you have paid for a locker, you will receive an email within two (2) business days containing your locker #, the code to get into the locker room, and your locker combo. If you do not have your receipt you will not be given a locker. This is a first come first served system and lockers get bought up very quickly.

If you have forgotten the combination to the key pad to get into the locker room, come up to the Kinesiology Office located on the 3rd floor of the KA building and show your ID at the front counter to get the code.

If you forget the combination to your lock, write down the numbers on the back of the lock and bring that up to the Kinesiology Office (KA 305) along with your HSU student ID card. Ask to get the combination for your locker and show the person at the window your student ID card and the numbers on the back of the lock.