1.  Cosmed (field-based metabolic measures ~ to metabolic cart, GPS)

2.  EKG (2 Quinton Stress Test Systems)

3.  Exercise modes (Lode cycle ergometer, multiple types of Monark cycle ergometers, Quinton treadmills, arm/upper body ergometer, Concept II rowing erg)

4.  Metabolic carts (2 Parvo Medics) and canopy for resting measures

5.  Lactate analyzers (blood lab and portable)

6.  Automated BP unit (2 Suntech Tango)

7.  Ambulatory BP units (7 Suntech Oscar units)

8.  Body comp measures (bioimpedance analysis), air plethysmography (Bod Pod), underwater weighing with residual volume)

9.  Spirometers (lung volumes/capacities)

10.   Oximeter (SaO2)

11.   Advanced capability Polar HR monitors (e.g., R-R measurement capabilities for autonomic function assessment)

12.   Pedometers

13.   Diet  Analysis software

14.   Biopac (= multifunction physiograph for things like: HR variability, cardiac output, galvanic skin response, lung volumes/capacities) (we have multiple units)

15.   Vertec (vertical jump)

16.   Force plate

17.   Portable force platform

18.   6 camera digital 3-D motion capture (1000 frames/sec)

19.   16-channel EMG (wireless) with foot switches

20.   4-channel EMG (wired)

21.   Accelerometer (telemetry) (tri-axial)

**Cameras and forces together enable measures of joint torques and power output at each joint

22.   Electrogoniometry

23.   Hand dynamometer (0.25 – 80 lbs)

24.    S-beam force transducer for force measurement (10-200 lbs)

25.   Dartfish software– video motion capture with digitizing

26.   KA Video- 2-D and 3-D video motion capture with digitizing

27.   Matlab software for custom data analysis

28.   Polygon software for integrated (kinematics, forces, torques, power) reporting and analysis

29.   EMGworks- for basic EMG analysis

30.   Accugait software- for gait and balance collection and analysis

31.   Weight support device

32.   Super lab software- for reaction time and other neuro-cognitive/motor control  tasks (e.g., Stroop test)

33.   IMPACT neuro-cognitive test (for concussion, etc.)

34.   EMG

35.   EEG