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Humboldt State University

Benefits & Costs

Don't wait to realize your potential...

Earning a Bachelor of Arts degree could change your life. A degree can make you more hirable and more promotable. But the degree will not drive your career as much as the educational experience. By completing the Leadership Studies program you will also:

  • Gain valuable leadership knowledge, insights and skills
  • Build important relationships with other developing leaders
  • Develop and begin to implement a rewarding career plan

Education does require a significant investment in time and money, however the payback can be significant. The rewards can come in the form of salary increases, promotions and higher paid positions not available to individuals without college diplomas. In California, for example, many Peace Officers can expect an immediate increase in salary upon the completion of a Bachelor’s degree. They also become eligible for promotions more quickly. And these credentialed officers are more promotable to higher ranks. In fact, in a study by the College Board, it was determined that over a 40-year career, an average college graduate in the U.S. could earn a payback equal to over 20-times their initial educational investment.

Fees are as follows:
Fee per Credit $299
Number of Credits per Course 3
Number of Courses required for completion of the program 10
Number of courses required to complete Leadership Studies degree (This will depend on transfer units and other degree requirements) 120 (minimum)

Additional fees for registration, books and materials not included.
Additional Courses may also be needed to fulfill your Bachelor’s degree.

Complete FAFSA for Financial Aid: