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Humboldt State University


Fees are as follows:
Fee per Unit $299
Cost per 3-unit course $897
Cost for 10 Leadership courses $8,970
Total cost for degree, including additional courses to total 120 units: Additional courses will be needed to fulfill your Bachelor's degree. Total cost depends on how many units you still need to complete the degree. If you transfer in from a community college with 60 or 70 units, you must complete an additional 20-30 units beyond the 10 Leadership courses.  20 additional units = $5,980; 30 additional units = $8,970.** $14,950-$17,940*
(may be less if you have completed coursework at a 4-year institution)

* Additional fees for registration, books and materials not included.
** Additional Courses may also be needed to fulfill your Bachelor’s degree.

Complete FAFSA for Financial Aid: