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Humboldt State University

Program Overview

Advance your skills...

The Leadership Studies program is ideal for people who seek to advance their careers, and have completed 60 units of undergraduate studies.

Innovative courses have been developed to optimize your time by delivering practical and applicable leadership courses in a convenient, online format. 

The Leadership Studies program has been:

  • Developed and taught by accomplished leaders
  • Designed to incorporate your work with practical assignments and learning goals
  • Delivered in focused, 8-week online courses

The Leadership Studies program is comprised of ten eight-week courses. Each of the first nine courses focus on a specific set of leadership skills and experiences. In the tenth course, the “Capstone,” each student will assemble and present their work in a final Personal Leadership Project (PLP). The PLP is a project you will identify in the first course and develop various components of during subsequent courses. Your project will likely be one that could improve your current organization or local community. But don’t worry, we will help you find an ideal project for this valuable set of leadership experiences.

During the first course, you will also begin to develop a Career Development Plan (CDP). Various aspects of your CDP will be improved and implemented during later courses. With the encouragement and support of our experienced faculty, we expect this will be an important set of experiences and tools that could change your life forever.

We encourage aspiring leaders from diverse work and academic backgrounds to join us. The more diverse our group, the more rich our conversations will be as you discover and develop your personal leadership capabilities. By engaging in assignments and completing this program, you will:

  • Develop critical thinking skills for evaluating complex problems
  • Improve leadership-oriented communication skills
  • Collect, analyze and apply various types of data
  • Integrate diverse perspectives into possible solutions
  • Develop and adjust organizational plans
  • Consider HR-related tactics for improving workforces
  • Practice strategic planning, sustainability and ethical leadership
  • Develop and begin to implement your personal career plan

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