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Learning Center

Learning Center Services Guidelines

Professional Staff:
The ultimate goal of staff is to help students become successful, autonomous learners and therefore, students are gradually required to become independent of services. In order to continue working with staff, a student must also display progress in the academic skills that he/she is attempting to develop. The maximum meeting time per week is 1 hr (exceptions may be made for first-time students or for students just beginning skills development process). Ongoing meetings from semester to semester are not the usual practice.

Following are one-on-one skills development services that staff members may work on with students to help students become independent learners:

Following are services or assistance Learning Center Staff members do not provide to students:

Lab Assistant & Learning Center Lab Use
The services that student lab assistants provide differ from tutoring. While a tutor's main objective is to teach and explain the content of a particular subject, a lab assistant's aim is to use the content of a subject as a vehicle for teaching and modeling effective study skills, with the goal that the student will incorporate new strategies and become an independent learner. Lab assistants also assess students' needs by using our Student Profile, other study questionnaires, learning style inventories, the LASSI, and by talking and working with students. Some lab assistants also teach basic skills such as math, grammar, spelling, reading strategies or writing, depending on their level of expertise in the subject matter.

Student Interns attend ongoing training to work with students who are on academic probation. Only trained Interns make formal academic advising recommendations to students (in the form of Academic Success Plans), and only under the guidance of professional staff.

Lab assistants and Interns can meet for follow up appointments to help students with their motivation to stay on task; and with time management, organization, and other study skills. They may meet regularly to discuss and assess student progress. Ongoing, weekly meetings for this type of follow up are referred to as "coaching."

Below is a quick reference outline for the duties of lab assistants and the policies for Learning Center lab use. Not all lab assistants are qualified to help students with all of the services listed. The type of support that each lab assistant can provide is determined by his/her skill level, coursework, and expertise in specific areas.

Following are services that Lab Assistants may provide to students:

Following are services Lab Assistants may not provide to students:

The goal of our peer tutorial services is to help students grasp the content of challenging classes and mastering the study skills necessary to become successful learners in the specific discipline.

Following are services the tutors may provide to students:

Following are services the tutors may not provide to students:

Tutors' Expectations of Students:

Lab Use Guidelines

Who is eligible to use the lab?

Utilizing Lab Assistant Help: Hours per week

Since the mission of the Learning Center Lab is to help students become independent learners and because of our limited staffing, individual meetings with lab assistants are limited to a maximum of one to two hours a week for new students. Students who have ongoing meetings throughout the semester are limited to meeting an hour a week. Students who have used services in past semesters may be served for a maximum of one hour per week if staffing permits. Exceptions may be made on a case-to-case basis.

Learning Center Staff's Expectations of Students:

Who is eligible for Learning Center Services?

All Learning Center staff, professional and student, reserve the right to choose not to work with a student if the student:

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