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Learning Center

General Study Skills


Note Taking

Since many classes are lecture driven, effective note taking is an important skill for students. We offer one-to-one assistance , a variety of handouts and a short video on note-taking methods. The links below also provide useful note-taking tips for students.



Do you have problems memorizing important information? Your memory, the ability to store and recall information, can be improved to achieve the results you want. The Learning Center offers one on one assistance in memory related topics, as well as handouts and video resources. Check out the links to begin improving your memory and recall.



Do you find it hard to follow lectures, concentrate on studying, or focus on your school goals? Is the TV, internet, or your roommates making it difficult to stay focused? The Learning Center offers one on one assistance, handouts, and video resources on the subject of concentration. These include ideas on how to set up a study-friendly environment, focus on lectures, and meet your academic goals. Also, check out the links on the right for ways to improve your ability to concentrate. 


Information Processing

Understanding the way that your mind learns best is vital to being successful in both school and life. Many people don't realize that knowing what their personal learning style is can help them better organize and understand the information that they learn. The Learning Styles Survey can help you discover your personal learning style while the other links provide tips for organizing new information to fit your style. You might also find some of the Note Taking Links on this page helpful for organizing new material from lectures or text. As always, feel free to stop by the Learning Center.


Study Strategies

Isn't it funny that being successful in school requires good study skills and yet no class ever really teaches you how to study? At the Learning Center, we offer tutoring and individual assistance to help you hone your study skills and work up to your potential. The web sites listed here offer some good tips to get you started.


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