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The Learning Center provides tutorial assistance to students having difficulties in specific courses. Tutors assist students in mastering course content as well as developing effective learning strategies and study skills for the specific subject. Tutors are recommended by instructors and attend tutor training through the Learning Center.

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The Learning Center offers many different peer tutoring programs: Small-Group Tutoring, Math Tutoring Lab, Science Tutoring Lab, Writing Studio, Learning Lab, Supplemental Instruction, and major-specific drop-in tutoring. Whether it be for help prepping for a tough exam, getting started on a paper, or getting together for weekly peer-led study sessions, you have a lot of options for academic support at HSU.

  Small-Group Tutoring Drop-in Tutoring (free) By Appointment (free) Classroom-based
Science & Engineering Tutoring Services Science Tutoring Lab; ERE Drop in Learning Lab Supplemental Instruction
Mathematics & Statistics Tutoring Services Math Tutoring Lab    
Writing   Writing Studio Satellite locations Writing Studio   
Business Administration & Economics

Tutoring Services

  Learning Lab (Economics Dept. offers SI for Econ 210)
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  Learning Lab (contact Lab for list of classes)  
Study Skills     Learning Lab  
Basic Tech /Software Skills Tutoring Services   Learning Lab  

Peer Tutoring Services

Tutoring Services , Small-Group Tutoring

Learning Center Reception, Lower Library, 707-826-5217

Free! Students meet weekly throughout the semester in peer-led study sessions. Tutors help students work together to master course content, as well as develop effective learning strategies for the discipline. Free to groups of four or more students in the same course for high-demand, difficult introductory courses and select upper division courses. See Tutoring Course List below for supported classes. Applications are available at the Learning Center reception desk, Lower Library.

Download the Small-Group Tutoring application (pdf)

Science Tutoring Lab

Library 55 707-826-4266; and Mad River Room, Jolly Giant Commons

Free! This Lab provides support for many introductory Biol, Zool, Chem, and Phyx courses on a drop-in basis in two central locations. Visit our website to view the current drop-in schedule, courses, locations, and tutor specializations.

Math Tutoring Lab

Library 208, 707-826-5217

Free! If you are enrolled in math-related courses and you would like assistance, the Math Tutoring Lab is great resource. No appointment is necessary! Visit our website to view the current drop-in schedule.

Writing Studio

Library 32, 707-826-5217

Free! The Writing Studio offers peer consultations for writing assignments in any class. Students can schedule appointments in advance or drop in, subject to availability. Our main location is in Library 32 (appointments recommended); we also offer satellite locations with drop-in hours on the first floor of the Library and in the Latin@ Center for Academic Excellence. Limited email consultations are available for distance learners. See the Writing Studio website for details.

Learning Lab

Lower Library 55, 707-826-4266

Free! Individual tutoring for a variety of subjects. Learning Lab Tutors can help with exam prep, time management, basic software skills, strategies for test taking, note-taking, and more. Appointments are available on a first-come, first serve basis. Students are strongly recommended to make appointments in advance. To find out what subjects are available, visit our website or call the lab.

Supplemental Instruction (SI)

Learning Center Reception, Lower Library, 707-826-5217

Supplemental Instruction are optional peer-led support courses for select, gateway science classes. SI Classes meet twice a week for the duration of the semester. To register, permission numbers are handed out in the SI class during the first and second week of the semester. For more information, visit the SI website.

Engineering (ERE) Drop-in Tutoring

FREE! Drop-in peer tutoring is available for students in a wide variety of Environmental Resource Engineering courses. Tutoring is held in Science D.
Location: Science D room 017
Times: Wednesdays 6:00pm - 8:00pm, Sundays 12:00pm to 4:00pm

Tutoring Course List

Below are the courses for which we can provide free small-group tutoring. Tutoring for additional classes may be available through the Learning Lab. Contact the Learning Lab for current list of classes.





250, 252, 360


102, 104, 105, 340




107,109,110, 321, 328


210, 311


210, 225, 313, 325, 331, 333








110, 111




40, 42, 44, 113, 114, 115, 105, 109, 110, 210




106, 109, 110


104, 241, 242






108, 109


110, 113, 270

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