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Learning Center

Tutorial Services

The Learning Center provides tutorial assistance to students having difficulties in specific courses. Tutors assist students in mastering course content as well as developing effective learning strategies and study skills for the specific subject. Most tutors are recommended by instructors and attend a tutor training course through the Learning Center.

Interested in becoming a tutor?
Check out the Job description and application.

Interested in receiving tutoring?
Check out the information below to see what services are available to you.

Tutors and Tutees can log their appointments in the new TutorTrac system.
**Note: A bug in some versions of Firefox prevent it from accessing TutorTrac. Please use a different web browser such as Chrome or Internet Explorer.


Associated SudentsGroup Tutoring

Free Small-Group Tutoring is available by request for some courses. Small groups consist of four or more students in the same course with the same instructor. Tutors help students work together to master course content as well as develop good learning strategies for the subject.

Students can sign up for small-group tutoring at the Learning Center's. If not enough students have requested tutoring for a particular class, students should talk to other students in the class to form a group. If a tutor is not available, the Tutorial Staff will contact the instructor for a recommendation.

Free Test-Preparation Review Sessions may also be available for some courses prior to major exams. There is no group size limit. If review sessions are not scheduled for a particular class, students may come to the to Learning Center to request a review session (at least 3 weeks prior to exam).



Associated SudentsMath Tutoring

Free Drop-in Math Tutoring
The Learning Center's tutorial program receives funds from Associated Students that helps provide free drop-in math tutoring in the math tutoring lab (located in Library 208). Drop-in tutoring is available for students enrolled in Algebra, beginning statistics, and pre-calculus through calculus I. For more information contact the Learning Center at 826-5127.

Free Small Group Tutoring for Math
Free small-group tutoring (4 or more students) is also available for students enrolled in the same math course with the same instructor. Sign up at the Learning Center located in the Learning Commons at the Library Basement

One-on-one tutoring for Math
One-on-one tutoring is also available at a small cost (currently $11.50/hour).



Associated SudentsIndividual (1 on 1) Tutoring

The Learning Center's tutorial program provides One-on-One Tutoring for most subject areas upon request. The cost for one-on-one tutoring is $11.50/hour. Some students may qualify for free tutorial services. If a tutor is not available immediately, the tutorial staff will try to recruit a tutor upon the recommendation of the instructor.

Students may request one-on-one tutoring by coming to the Learning Center and filling out an application.

Free small group tutoring is available.




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