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Each year Humboldt Loyalty donations fund projects that enhance the education of today’s students.

Recent enhancements include:

Marine Lab Renovations

Upgrading Marine Research

The HSU Marine Lab's recent upgrade includes new digital displays highlighting local marine life, enhanced classrooms and a refurbished wet lab for undergraduate and graduate research.Read more »

Archaeology Dig

Hands On with Archaeology
Field Work

This on-campus dig is designed to teach students archaeology field methods and prepare them for careers in anthropology, geography, Native American studies and environmental education and interpretation. Read more »

Earth Tub

Students Step Up
Campus Composting

Operated by students in HSU's waste reduction club, the Earth Tub composter is a new part of HSU's plan to reduce waste wherever possible. Generous gifts to the Humboldt Loyalty Fund help make this happen. Read more »

And we want you to help choose this year's projects.

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If you made a gift to Humboldt Loyalty or Parent & Family Fund since January 1, 2015, we will send you a survey by email.

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In that survey, you will preview this year’s projects and rank the ones you like best.

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