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Each year Humboldt Loyalty donations fund projects that enhance the education of today’s students.

The 2014 funded projects are:

Why are these projects important? They help ensure today’s Humboldt State students get the most relevant and cutting-edge education possible. To understand the impact of the Micro-plate project, faculty in the College of Natural Resources & Sciences share this quote: “Each year, over three hundred students will have the unique opportunity to utilize cutting edge technology, and this experience may put them ahead of their peers when competing for employment after graduating. The micro-plate reader will greatly enhance the student learning experience here at Humboldt State University, and open new doors into learning and hands on experience that we specialize in at HSU.”

We’ll be updating you throughout the year with progress on each of these projects plus informing you of new ways you can help enhance the educational mission at Humboldt State University.

Thanks again for your participation in Donor Voice and the Humboldt Loyalty Fund.