Fieldwork Opportunities

Note: Beginning Fall 2011, all new and current LSEE students will need to be tested for Pulmonary Tuberculosis (TB) before their fieldwork placement. Proof of TB testing should be given to the program advisor.

The LSEE program offers four professional fieldwork opportunities. This relevant and valuable experience working with elementary age-children gives LSEE students the much needed in-classroom experience to help them become excellent educators.

HSU’s fieldwork program allows for a deep connection between teacher preparation courses at the university and what is being taught in the schools. For example, students enroll concurrently in LSEE 311(fieldwork in Mathematics), and Math 308B (Mathematics for Elementary Teachers). Consequently, students are presented with both theoretical and practical applications of mathematics. Additionally, fieldwork seminars further connect what is being taught with valuable discussions and an integration of the Common Core Standards.

Humboldt County schools offer future teachers the opportunity to be in classrooms with students from diverse socioeconomic and cultural backgrounds, including Hmong, Latino, and American Indian. In the sequenced fieldwork and seminar experiences, students will learn essential observation techniques as well as having hands-on experiences working with children. These classes will help LSEE graduates become successful educators.

EED 210/310 requires LSEE students to spend 45 hours in a classroom (the minimum requirement for a teaching credential program). Here, LSEE students will gain a holistic view of how the elementary school works and will begin to develop specific observation skills. It is recommended this class be taken along with EDUC 110 (Introduction to Education) a lecture/discussion class that focuses on current educational issues in California and the world.

LSEE 311 is a fieldwork and seminar course that emphasizes Mathematics. LSEE students will observe and participate in mathematics instruction in schools at the same time they are taking Mathematics for Elementary School Teachers.

LSEE 312 is a fieldwork and seminar course with a focus on Science and Social Studies Education. Students will observe and participate in Science and Social Studies instruction in the local elementary schools. The associated seminar will connect to these subjects in a variety of ways including discussion of fieldwork and state frameworks, multicultural education, scientific inquiry and an integration of literacy learning.

LSEE 411 is a fieldwork and seminar course for English/Language Arts instruction.


Fieldwork Forms

For more information on fieldwork forms visit our Forms for Current LSEE Students page.

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