To teach in California, you must first earn a bachelor's degree and obtain a teaching credential. Humboldt State's Liberal Studies Elementary Education (LSEE) major prepares you to teach a wide range of subjects and to excel in California's mandatory fifth-year teaching credential program.

What is LSEE?

A major in Liberal Studies Elementary Education (LSEE) is an excellent way for future elementary school teachers to gain an understanding of the subject matter taught in California schools. A Liberal Studies/Elementary Education (LSEE) degree from Humboldt State University prepares graduates to enter a fifth-year teaching credential program to earn a Multiple Subjects Teaching Credential.

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LSEE Handbook

Preparation Equals Confidence

Photosynthesis? Long division? Past participles? How do you, tomorrow's teacher, convey such complex concepts to a classroom full of children who often possess radically different learning styles and needs? By being prepared. As a graduate of Humboldt State's LSEE program, you will be equipped to face many of the challenges you will encounter in the classroom.

Their Knowledge, Your Foundation

Our preparation begins with a strong educational foundation. Instructors who have taught at the elementary level and understand its challenges will provide you with a strong foundation in art, physical education, science, social science and more. We offer a diverse and practical curriculum, which we've refined in our 92 years of training school teachers.