Required Exams for the LSEE program

Graduate Writing Proficiency Exam (GWPE)

Every person graduating from Humboldt State University must past a writing proficiency test called the GWPE or Graduate Writing Proficiency Exam. You must be of Junior or Senior Status to take this exam. For more information about this exam, visit

California Basic Educational Skills Test (CBEST)

All people who want to enter a teaching credential program must take and pass the CBEST, or California Basic Educational Skills Test, exam to show they have a basic proficiency in Math, Reading/Language Arts, and Writing. Take this exam in your junior year. For more information about this exam, please visit You can take this exam at HSU's testing center at Students who pass all sections of the CSET Multiple Subjects exam (described below) and also the additional CSET Writing Skills test are not required to take the CBEST as this meets the basic skills requirement.


All people who wish to enter a Multiple Subject (MS) credential program, K-8 th grade teaching, need to pass all three sections of the Multiple Subject CSET (California Subject Matter Exams). This exam can be taken in parts as you complete the subject matter courses that relate to each section of the exam. Take this exam in your junior and senior years. For more information about this exam view HSU CSET Requirements handout. Additionally, the CSET web site is