Registration Information for New Students

Welcome to Liberal Studies Elementary Education. My name is Dan Flockhart and I am the LSEE academic advisor. I can be reached at or 707-826-3752. My office is in Harry Griffith Hall, across from the student services building, on the second floor in HGH 202A. If you cannot reach me, please contact the Advising Center or Dr. Chris Hopper, the LSEE program leader, at 707-826-3853.

When determining which courses to register for, please follow the LSEE major contract listed on the LSEE home web page under "degree requirements". The major contract lists the courses you will need to take to graduate. I will also keep an updated file of this contract in my office. The first page of the major contract lists the general education (GE) classes you need to take, while the major classes start on page two, beginning with EDUC 110. You can find a listing of GE classes in the first section of the HSU catalog. This catalog is also online.

You should begin to create a semester schedule. It is recommended that you take from 15 units a semester to keep you on track to graduate in a timely fashion.

Now that you see the classes you need, go to HSU’s home page at, click on the quick links, and then view the class schedule. Click on the subject you are interested in taking, find the class, and then see how many seats are open. Keep track of the CRN numbers as you plan your schedule.

Upper division transfer students will follow the two-year plan. Be aware that some classes are offered Fall only and plan accordingly.

Start by creating a schedule that includes the first few classes: EDUC 110 and EED 210/310 (your first fieldwork class that requires 45 hours of fieldwork along with a one unit seminar). You must enroll in EED 210 and 310 at the same time. Next, try to enroll in CD 256 or PSYCH 213. Look next at ART 358, MUS 312, MATH 308B, ENG 326, and ECON 320. LSEE 311 should be taken concurrently with Math 308B or Math 280C.

If you can't find an open classes, choose a depth of study area. LSEE majors pick an area to focus in and take three classes in this area. Often, depth of study classes are open when others are not. Later, you may decide to take a few additional classes in this area to make up a minor. Also, look at the Diversity Common Ground (DCG) classes in the middle of the contract.

LSEE majors DO NOT ENROLL IN UPPER DIVISION GENERAL EDUCATION classes. This requirement is embedded in the LSEE major.

Now that you created a schedule, it is time to enroll.

To do this, go to HSU’s home page at, click on quick links, go to your student center, and log in. Your user ID is the first part of your Humboldt state e-mail address. The student center is where you add/drop classes.