Only Dreamier

photography by Kellie Jo Brown

HSU photographer Kellie Jo Brown has been taking photos of campus for 15 years. She started on film, and even in this digital world, she continues to shoot analog for her art outside work. For this photo feature, we asked her to use some of her art techniques—to show the campus in a new light. So she headed out with a Holga—a cheap plastic, simplistic film camera that’s built a cult following for its imperfections. The pace of photographing on film is meditative, she says, and surprises await.

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Holga Gates Greenhouse

Holga BSS
Holga Gist Tile
Holga Founders Windows
Holga Forest Bridge

Holga Founders Reflection
Holga Redwood Bowl

Holga Science D
Holga Cypress
Campus Trip
Holga SBS reflection