Humboldt State University

October 05, 2015

Celebrating HSU Staff and Faculty Philanthropy
On and Off Campus

Dear Colleagues:

Theresa CoxYou may have already seen signs popping up around campus on office doors and walls saying “I’m proud to give to …” and then, in handwriting, a program or department on campus. This is the beginning of HSU Cares, a month-long celebration of philanthropy by staff, faculty, and emeriti who make a difference on campus, in the community, and around the world.

Teresa Cox was one of the first to hang up her HSU Cares sign. I discovered it on her door in Siemens Hall. She has worked with countless students in the residence halls, often forming close relationships. “I enjoy supporting the students,” she explained when asked about her giving, “whether giving to their fund-raising efforts or participating in the Women’s Walk to help fund Women’s Athletics.” Like so many at our University, she also gives to other causes. “I really care about injured veterans, animal welfare, and people living with muscular dystrophy.”

Over the next four weeks, we will celebrate how the HSU community gives back to students and University programs, as well as to an array of personally meaningful causes. I’m excited about this opportunity to pause and think about why I choose to give and how my giving is making an impact.

Week one of HSU Cares will focus on giving to HSU programs. We have literally hundreds of ways to touch the lives of students at HSU, so perhaps you’ll be inspired to give in ways you never imagined. In a few days, you will receive a form to assist you in making a contribution to the campus program, fund, or department closest to your heart. If you have already given this year, thank you! You’ll soon receive your HSU Cares sign, and I hope you will join me in having your picture added to the others showing pride on the new HSU Cares site.

Week two will look at how you are making a difference off campus. I’ve heard it said that, on average, a person supports five organizations or agencies. We will be distributing the forms for the State Employee “Our Promise” Campaign. This is a great way to donate to one or even five causes that you care about, in addition to HSU.

Week three will focus on empowering you to participate in philanthropy. Do you wish you knew more about how to ask for donations or raise money for your program or cause? The Office of Philanthropy will be hosting workshops on how to raise money and how to work with donors.

Week four will tell the HSU Cares story. I look forward to seeing a more complete picture of the good that you are doing both on and off campus.

We are privileged to be able to see the power of higher education to transform lives every day. This is why I am personally committed to being one of the 250+ faculty and staff across the campus who already give on a regular basis to Humboldt State. Now is a great time to think about where we give and why, to renew our charitable giving, or to make a first-time contribution.

Please join me this month in recognizing the staff, faculty, and emeriti who demonstrate every day that HSU Cares.

Visit to see everything planned this month.

With best wishes,

Lisa A. Rossbacher, Ph.D.

Humboldt State University