Humboldt State University
Message from the President July 11, 2011

As you are aware, throughout the CSU, efforts are under way to economize and reduce operating expenditures due to severe reductions in state funding for the upcoming 2011-12 fiscal year. Complementing the Governor's ban on non-essential travel for all agencies of state government, Chancellor Reed has directed CSU campuses to reduce unnecessary travel expenditures, and only travel for mission-critical needs of the campus.

He further directs campuses to implement a pre-authorization travel process that requires the following as a minimum level of approval:

  1. In-state travel -- all travel requests will need to be approved by an Associate Vice President or Assistant Provost in your division. (Associate Vice President or Assistant Provost will require approval by a Vice President/Provost, as appropriate).
  2. Out-of-state travel -- all travel requests will need to be approved by a Vice President/Provost of your division.
  3. International travel -- all requests for international travel will need to be approved by the President.

Accordingly, the authorized personnel to sign mission-critical travel requests are:

Division Position Current Incumbent
President President Rollin Richmond
Academic Affairs Provost/Vice President Bob Snyder
Academic Affairs Assistant Provost Jená Burgess
Academic Affairs Associate Vice President Colleen Mullery
Administrative Affairs Vice President Burt Nordstrom
Administrative Affairs Associate Vice President Carol Terry
Student Affairs Vice President Peg Blake
University Advancement Vice President Frank Whitlatch
University Advancement Associate Vice President Laura Jackson

Your Request for Authorization to Travel will be returned to your department if the appropriate authorization is not clearly presented.


Rollin C. Richmond