Humboldt State University
Message from the President January 17, 2012 – Planning for HSU Centennial, 2013-14

Dear Colleagues,

As you probably know, Humboldt State University will soon mark its 100th year. This will be a wonderful opportunity to look back at all we have accomplished, and to look forward to a future filled with possibility.

I wanted to share with you some of the initial planning for a year-long celebration of this milestone, which will begin in Fall 2013 and conclude with Commencement in Spring 2014.

We are envisioning a year of Centennial-themed events and projects led by different units across campus. There will also be two special events planned centrally – one to kick off the year and another to wrap it up. In addition, off-campus events will be organized in our local community as well as in regions where significant numbers of alumni live. There will be Centennial publicity and marketing material, including a logo, website and calendar of events.

The timing of these activities roughly corresponds with important dates in HSU history. Legislation creating Humboldt State Normal School was signed by Gov. Johnson on June 16, 1913, following a long effort by the local community which included a donation of 12.5 acres from the Preston family and pledges of $12,000 from other local residents. We officially opened on April 6, 1914. (For more, see William Tanner's history of HSU titled A View from the Hill, available in the library.)

I have asked University Advancement to handle coordination of our Centennial Celebration, and to do so in a way that is both appropriate for the occasion and careful with our resources. An important focus will be ensuring as much campus-wide participation as possible. The two campus-wide events, coordinated calendar, and marketing material will serve as an "umbrella."

Already, it is clear that there are many ideas. Small-group meetings have been held with many campus groups as well as groups of alumni. Ideas have also been gathered using the Centennial planning website, and they are still being accepted. It is at

When there are specific ideas that might make sense for particular campus units, we will make sure to contact them. There are already numerous projects like this under discussion. I expect we will have a limited amount of funding available to subsidize Centennial projects, and if you have an idea for a project, please discuss it with your Vice President or Dean.

The Centennial Celebration promises to be an exciting year for the Humboldt State University community. I encourage you to consider ways you and your area might participate in making it memorable.


Signature - Rollin C. Richmond
Rollin C. Richmond