Humboldt State University
Message from Incoming President
Lisa Rossbacher

Lisa A. Rossbacher To the Humboldt State University community,

Humboldt State University has been very much in my heart and thoughts in the wake of last week's unimaginable bus tragedy.

I am grateful that President Richmond and others on campus have kept me informed about the situation. I have been so moved by the concern and compassion that the Humboldt State and CSU communities have shown for all those affected, including at yesterday's remembrance event and vigil. I know that your efforts to reach out and support families, friends, faculty, staff, and students touched by this heartbreaking incident are helping. Thank you all.

Thank you also for the warm welcome you gave Dallas and me when we visited Humboldt State and the Arcata area. We were impressed with the sense of community, the enthusiasm of the students, the beauty of the area, and the excitement about HSU's history and future.

We also appreciated seeing more of the area while we were there – including the Farmer's Market on the Arcata Plaza, the Green-Gold football game, the California Big Time and Social Gathering, and a number of local businesses. Everywhere we went, we encountered new friends and people we had already met during our visit.

Back here in Georgia, Dallas and I have discovered a small "Humboldt Made" section in our local grocery story. The entire inventory is Humboldt Fog, but it's a start – and a welcome reminder of our visit. We haven't settled on the dates for our next trip to Arcata, but we are very much looking forward to returning soon – and moving there with Tango in early July.

See you again soon,

Lisa A. Rossbacher

Humboldt State University