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Message from the President and AS President, Bryan Kelly March 19, 2012 – AS Elections - Be Involved!

Dear Students:

One of the things we admire about HSU students is their belief in Learning to Make a Difference. This country, our state, the CSU, and HSU are in trouble in significant part because of political mistakes. We need our young people who will shortly take control of the politics of the state and nation to become educated and experienced. Please vote in the upcoming AS elections and consider becoming a candidate yourself.

We've just read a new report from the Department of Education that got our attention. Their message is summarized in this quote:

"A socially cohesive and economically vibrant US democracy… require[s] informed, engaged, open-minded, and socially responsible people committed to the common good and practiced in 'doing' democracy…. Civic learning needs to be an integral component of every level of education, from grade school through graduate school, across all fields of study."
Excerpt from A Crucible Moment: College Learning and Democracy's Future

While the university will consider what it can do to improve learning in 'doing' democracy, we have long had many opportunities for students to become engaged and to learn how to be an effective leader. These opportunities come from service as a member of the Associated Students. We encourage you to consider running for one of the posts that will be open next year. For more information about what is available, please go to this web site:

Young people do not have a good record of exercising the opportunity to determine who will represent them either in our national elections (only 24% of citizens aged 18 to 29 voted in the 2010 mid-term elections) or in the elections on our campus to select their representatives. In the elections for Associated Students (AS) last spring only 13% of our students voted. We urge you to become involved in the elections that will occur in April and encourage your student friends to vote. AS has substantial power to make a difference in your lives. Its annual budget is a little more than $1.5M, and student representatives sit on powerful campus committees such as the University Senate and Executive Committees. If you have concerns about how the campus is administered or the distribution of financial aid, or the costs of tuition, be sure you elect good, able people to represent you on campus bodies. Or better yet, run yourself and try to make change.

One of us, Bryan, has really learned and benefitted from his service as your AS President. Another one of us, Rollin, is encouraged by what Bryan and his colleagues have been able to do this year. Help us to continue this success in the future.


Signature - Rollin C. Richmond
Rollin C. Richmond

Signature - Bryan Kelly
Bryan Kelly
President, Associated Students