Humboldt State University

January 31, 2017

Standing By Our Values

Dear students and colleagues --

I am writing to reassure you of my personal commitment, and of the commitment of HSU and the California State University system, to stand by our values and to support our campus community.

Many of us are deeply concerned about the recent executive order preventing people from seven Muslim-majority nations from entering the United States. By some estimates, more than 17,000 international students could be affected. Higher education organizations, businesses, non-profit groups, and others are urging the administration to re-evaluate this order.

At HSU, we know there is great strength in diversity and in a wide exchange of ideas. As stated so powerfully in our institutional values: “We believe in the dignity of all individuals, in fair and equitable treatment, and in equal opportunity. We value the richness and interplay of differences. We value the inclusiveness of diversity, and we respect alternative paradigms of thought.”

I want you to be aware of a number of actions being taken by HSU.

  • We are exploring options and providing guidance for current students who are citizens of any of the seven countries affected by the travel ban. We are also seeking to identify other students who might be affected.
  • We are working to identify faculty and staff who might be affected by the travel ban and will provide guidance and referrals.
  • We are reaching out to our representatives in Washington to keep them informed and request advice as we learn about members of the HSU community who are affected by these travel restrictions.
  • Campus counseling services and other support services remain available to our students. Staff are sensitive to the anger, fear, and other emotions students are dealing with due to possible changes in federal policy.

Individuals with specific questions or concerns may contact: the Center for International Programs at 826-4142, Human Resources & Academic Personnel Services at 826-3626, or the Office of the Office of the Dean of Students at 826-3504.

I have been impressed by the many ways our University has provided space for discussion and support in recent months. The debate about important national issues will undoubtedly continue in the months to come, and I encourage you to continue to engage with these topics.

Most importantly, we must continue providing a safe and inclusive environment for teaching and learning. That is our shared commitment to the students who come to HSU in pursuit of their dreams.

With best wishes,

Lisa A. Rossbacher, Ph.D.

Humboldt State University