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Creative Services

Communications Consulting

Perhaps you'd like a new brochure or website, but aren't sure exactly where to begin. Maybe you're not sure what type of project you need. We've helped many clients clarify their message and choose the right communications approach. As consultants, we'll help you:

  • Evaluate the effectiveness of your past efforts
  • Weigh your current ideas and needs
  • Formulate a message and strategy
In-house agency

Marketing & Communications is only partially funded through the University’s general fund budget. For the remainder of our funding, we depend on revenue generated through charges to the campus units we work with.

Even though we charge our campus clients, we have more than a simple business relationship with them. We are a partner with you as well as the University as a whole. We have overall responsibility for marketing Humboldt State, and your project is part of the marketing mix. To ensure the University’s funds are used most effectively, we often seek ways for different communications pieces to complement one another, reinforce key points of pride and the like.

It rarely happens, but we may decline a project or abandon it if is at odds with the University’s needs. If we choose to abandon a project, you will not be charged for any work completed.


By providing an account number and signing the Work Request form, you are agreeing to pay for completion of your project. We will handle the budget transfer or invoicing as necessary.

For projects of $750 or higher, you may only sign for the project if you have signature authority within your unit. Please be sure that your unit is committed to the project before signing.

We are available to meet with clients and discuss their project prior to obtaining account numbers and signatures. This helps us provide you the best possible proposal. For any project of $750 or higher, we must have an account number and a signed Work Request to begin creative work. Exceptions to this require the approval of the AVP for Marketing & Communications, and involve a signed agreement with the client.


We occasionally accept prepayment for projects. In these cases, the project must be completed within one year. You, the client, are responsible for ensuring that information and materials are provided in time for us to meet that requirement.

We cannot carry over credit for the project beyond one year, and the funds must be used to complete the project described. The funds cannot be applied to other projects or refunded. If the amount prepayment is not used to design and implement the project within a year, the balance is forfeited.

Prepayments that extend from one fiscal year to another become part of the carry forward funds for Marketing & Communications. Our expectation, based on prior years’ experience, is that these funds will likely not be “swept” centrally by the University. However, we have no absolute guarantee, and so we cannot give an absolute guarantee. If a percentage of our carry forward is swept centrally, your prepayment to us will be reduced by the same percentage.