Marine Resources

Need to schedule a research vessel or apply for a collecting permit? This is the place. We have produced and collected here all the forms required for use of the HSU Marine Lab and the R. V. Coral Sea by the faculty, students and staff of HSU. Outside users likewise must file formal paperwork to reserve space on the R.V. Coral Sea or at the HSU Marine Lab. You can find all the required forms here. You may always call the office at 707-826-3671 during regular business hours of 0900 to 1700 PST to obtain personal help or clarifications.

We have added a section of Marine links to internet sites that have proved valuable to both newcomers to HSU and those working here for several years. Please send any additional suggestions to our webmaster: Yvonne Kugies.

Several national science new services are now available via the internet or through email subscription services. We have added links to the most used news services, and would welcome any additional suggestions.