Staff & Faculty


Dr. Brian Tissot
Marine Lab Director
Professor of Biology
Benthic Ecology Laboratory

Dave Hoskins
Senior Equipment Technician III

Grant Eberle
Equipment Technician I

Yvonne Kugies
Office Manager

Steve Monk
Boat Safety Officer

Paige Weiss
Marine Naturalist

Richard Alvarez
Diving Safety Officer
707-826-4539 (campus)

Vessel Operations

Scott Martin
Vessel Captain

Jacob Fuller
Vessel Engineer/Relief Captain


Dr. Jeff Abell
Associate Professor of Oceanography - Chemical Oceanography
707-826-5621 (campus)

Dr. Eric Bjorkstedt
Adjunct Professor of Fisheries Biology
707-826-3688 (ML)

Dr. Jeffry C. Borgeld
Professor of Oceanography -Geological Oceanography and Near-shore Processes
707-826-3687 (ML) or 826-3328 (campus)

Dr. Paul Bourdeau
Assistant Professor of Biology -Marine Biology
707-826-3693 (ML) or 826-3600 (campus)

Dr. Christine Cass
Assistant Professor of Oceanography - Biological 707-826-3692 (ML) or 826-4171 (campus)

Dr. Sean F. Craig
Professor of Biology -Invertebrate Zoology, Intertidal Ecology
707-826-3695 (ML) or 826-3656 (campus)

Hal M. Genger
Faculty Associate of Oceanography and Fisheries Biology -General and Biological Oceanography
707-826-3539 (campus)

Dr. P. Dawn Goley
Professor of Zoology -Marine Mammals and Behavioral Ecology
707-826-4168 (campus)

Dr. David G. Hankin
Professor of Fisheries Biology -Sampling Design and Fish Population Dynamics
707-826-3683 (ML) or 826-3447 (campus)

Dr. Edward C. Metz
Associate Professor of Biology -Invertebrate Zoology and Population Genetics
707-826-3688 (ML) or 826-3240 (campus)

Dr. Helen L. Mulligan
Adjunct Professor of Biology and Fisheries Biology -Ecological Genetics and Larval Fish Development
707-826-3693 (ML)

Dr. Timothy J. Mulligan
Professor of Fisheries Biology -Ecology of Estuarine and Marine Fishes, Early Life History, and Mariculture
707-826-3684 (ML) or 826-3951 (campus)

Dr. Frank J. Shaughnessy
Professor of Botany -Marine Phycology and Freshwater Algae
707-826-4133 (campus)

Dr. Joe Tyburczy
Adjunct Professor of Biology and Coastal Specialist for U.C. Sea Grant Extension Program – Marine Ecology, Fisheries, Policy
707-443-8369 (Eureka, CA office)