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  • The HSU research vessel, Coral Sea
  • View from the second deck of the Coral Sea research vessel
  • Beach
  • Ocean view
  • Seal
  • Jellyfish tank at the HSU Marine Lab

The Program

The Redwood Coast Marine Science Summer Program at Humboldt State University (HSU) takes advantage of Northern California’s redwood coast marine environments. Rocky intertidal zones, sandy beaches, kelp forests, deep offshore reefs, a marine laboratory, and the Humboldt Bay estuary provide an exciting setting for an array of hands-on ocean learning activities carefully designed to stimulate undergraduate students’ interests and provide experience-oriented learning.

The Coast is Our Classroom

Courses are taught at the HSU Marine Laboratory, situated on a bluff that overlooks the Pacific Ocean in Trinidad, Calif. The lab is a 5-minute walk to a wide range of habitats as well as boat docking and launch facilities. This dramatic coastline of California remains one of the most pristine, unique, and unstudied natural areas of the state. Nearby are several large and important rivers, perfect for studying watersheds that connect coastal redwood forests, streams, and rivers to the ocean.  The region also includes a unique and largely unstudied stretch of the California Current, between Cape Mendocino and Cape Blanco, which may provide important insights into climate change.

R/V Coral Sea

Access to these habitats is provided by the lab and the HSU 90-foot research vessel, the R/V Coral Sea -- the largest oceanographic vessel dedicated to undergraduate education in the nation.

Personalized Support

With its outstanding faculty, HSU has a well-deserved reputation for high quality natural resources and sciences programs. The Marine Science Summer Program courses are team-taught by a group of faculty with a diverse range of expertise in marine sciences.

Combining a rich learning environment, excellent curriculum, outstanding instructors, the HSU Marine Laboratory and the R/V Coral Sea, the Marine Science Summer Program is one of the best opportunities in the nation for students to study marine science.