Marine Faculty

Jeff Abell

Dr. Jeffrey Abell

Specialization: Chemical Oceanography Research Interests: biochemical processes in seawater and sediments; biochemical cycling of carbon, oxygen, and nitrogen cycling in open ocean environments

Jeffry Borgeld

Dr. Jeffry Borgeld

Specialization: Geological Oceanography Research Interests: marine sedimentation; shallow marine stratigraphy; coastal geomorphology; sediment transport.

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Eric Borkstedt

Dr. Eric Bjorkstedt

Specialization: Fisheries Oceanography Research Interests: ecological and physical processes affecting recruitment and population structure of marine fishes; population and metapopulation dynamics of anadromous and marine fishes

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Christine Cass

Dr. Christine Cass

Specialization: Biological Oceanography Research Interests: Research Interests: Ecology and physiology of zooplankton andinvertebrate nekton, effects of oceanic oxygen minimum zones on marine organisms

Sean Craig

Dr. Sean Craig

Specialization: Martime Ecology Research Interests: evolution of cooperation in colonial marine animals; rocky intertidal and subtidal community ecology.

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Mark Colwell

Dr. Mark Colwell

Specialization: Avian ecology Research Interests: shorebird ecology; management of wetlands for shorebirds

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Lori Dengler

Dr. Lori Dengler

Specialization: Geophysics; Seismology Research Interests: historic seismicity of North Coast California; earthquake intensity studies; earthquake/tsunami mitigation

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Ron Fritzsche

Dr. Ron Fritzsche

Specialization: Systematics of Fishes Research Interests: systematic and osteology of fishes; distribution and Zoogeography of Teleost fishes

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Hal Genger

Hal Genger

Specialization: Biological Oceanography/Marine Biology Research Interest: zooplankton ecology

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Dawn Goley

Dr. P. Dawn Goley

Specialization: Marine Mammal Ecology Research Interests: ecology and behavior of marine mammals; VHF/satellite-telemetry; marine mammal/fisheries interactions; oil spill and marine mammal interactions

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Richard Golightly

Dr. Richard Golightly

Specialization: Wildlife Ecology Research Interests: animal energetic; forest carnivore ecology; nesting ecology of Marbled Murrelets

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Matthew P. Hurst

Dr. Matthew P. Hurst

Specialization: Marine analytical chemistry and biogeochemistry of trace metals.

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Helen Mulligan

Dr. Helen Mulligan

Specialization: Fish Physiology and Early Life History of Fishes Research Interests: larval fish development; ecology and population structures of green sturgeon and California halibut

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Tim Mulligan

Dr. Tim Mulligan

Specialization: Ecology of Marine Fishes Research Interests: fish-habitat interactions (i.e., eelgrass and saltmarsh communities); ecology of estuarine and marine fishes

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Susan Schlosser

Susan Schlosser

Specialization: Nutrition of and Growth In Mariculture Invertebrates Research Interests: growth, nutrition, and reproduction in sea urchin and abalone; effects on Endangered Species' listings on coastal economies

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Frank Shaughnessy

Dr. Frank Shaughnessy

Specialization: Seaweed and Seagrass Ecology Research Interests: population and community ecology of marine algae and seagrasses, particularly an examination of bottom up limiting factors to eelgrass; the description of the phytoplankton community in the bay

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Faculty with Related Interests

Jeff Black

Dr. Jeff Black

Specialization: Behavioral ecology of Waterfowl Research Interests: population dynamics,; plant-herbivore and predator-prey interaction; waterfowl ecology and conservation

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David Hankin

Dr. David Hankin

Specialization: Fish Population Dynamics and Sampling Theory Research Interests: genetic consequences of harvest policies and hatchery practices for Chinook salmon and survey designs for estimating fish abundance in small streams

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Harvey Kelsey

Dr. Harvey Kelsey

Specialization: Active Tectonics; Quaternary Strategraphy; Fluvial Geomorphology Research Interests: use of tools of stratigraphy to decipher paleoseismic history on the Cascadia and Sumatran subduction zones

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Andrew Kinziger

Dr. Andrew Kinziger

Specialization: Evolution and Systematics in Fishes Research Interests: molecular systematic of Cottus; hybridization between coastal cutthroat trout and steelhead; genetic variation among isolated populations of tidewater goby

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Eric Loudenslager

Dr. Eric Loudenslager

Specialization: Hatchery Management and Genetic Stock Analysis Research Interest: genetic variation in North Coast salmonids (steelhead, cutthroat, Chinook)

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Alison Purcell O'Dowd

Dr. Alison Purcell O'Dowd

Specialization: Ecological Restoration; Aquatic Ecology Research Interest: restoration of wetlands and intertidal marshes

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Terry Roelofs

Dr. Terry Roelofs

Specialization: Fish Ecology Research Interest: conservation biology and ecology of anadromous salmonids and their habitat

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Steven J. Steinberg

Dr. Steven J. Steinberg

Specialization: Geographic Information Systems; remote sensing Research Interests: application of geospatial techniques in a variety of environmental modeling and analysis applications ranging from terrestrial and watershed processes to marine systems and habitat modeling

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