Humboldt State is located on the Northern California Coast with immediate access to coastal environments such as bays, lagoons, rivers, rocky intertidal shorelines and deep water environments of continental shelves, slopes and canyons. This section of coastline is the most pristine and least studied of any in the contiguous United States. These characteristics create incredible opportunities for our faculty and students to study the marine environment.

Students interested in Marine Sciences at HSU have the benefit of small class sizes and the diverse expertise of over two dozen marine science faculty. HSU has a long-standing history of supporting excellence in the sciences and in the Marine Sciences in particular. The faculty are committed to fostering the independence of their students, challenging them in their independent research, and supporting them to accomplish their personal goals.

The University has made the commitment to provide for state-of-the-art classrooms and laboratories, its own Marine Lab, and its own Research Vessel, the Coral Sea. Along with our pristine natural environment, HSU has all the important ingredients for exceptional student achievement that makes our graduates highly sought after for positions in governmental agencies, graduate schools and in the private sector.

Graduate Programs

Humboldt State also offers several marine science related opportunities at the graduate level.

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