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Background on Executive Order 1110

The California State University system has reformed its Mathematics curriculum for all of its incoming students in response to Executive Order 1110.  Beginning Fall 2018, in addition to the multiple measures (link “multiple measures” to file “mime_attachment”), placement into Mathematics/Quantitative Reasoning general education courses is dependent upon the major pathway identified by campuses.  For more information on the background of these changes, please see the following FAQs.

Introductory mathematics courses play dual roles at HSU.  (1) Completing introductory Mathematics (or Statistics) courses fulfills lower division Area B GE.  (2) Mathematics (or Statistics) courses teach content that is necessary for certain majors.  Some majors (e.g. Physics) require more than one Mathematics course, so even students who are finished taking their GE Math may have to take more Math.  Other majors (e.g. Business Administration) use a single GE course to cover Math content needed for the major.  Finally, there are also majors (e.g. Anthropology) that have no specific Mathematics requirements, so students can simply take a Mathematics course that satisfies Area B GE.  

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