Our Program

The HSU Mathematical Modeling Program is not accepting applicants.

Words from Students

"I have found the one-on-one attention and expertise I get from my instructors to be invaluable to my understanding and application of mathematical modeling."

"This program has offered me a unique opportunity to be involved with interdisciplinary research. Faculty in other scientific disciplines have encouraged my involvement in their research and have provided me with the resources and support when I've needed it."

"I love that the program is helping me prefect my understanding of mathematics as well as showing me how to use the subject to preserve the environment."

"One feature of the Mathematical Modeling option of the Environmental Systems program that I enjoyed was its size. Small class sizes enabled me to learn more from and grow closer to my colleagues and instructors than was ever possible during my undergraduate work."

"The Environmental Systems Masters Program - Math Modeling Option is an exceptional program. It teaches math in a not so typical way, through modeling various biological and physical systems related to the environment. The program allows for ample freedom in thesis topics. Iíve had the best experience at Humboldt State in part due to the fact that the professors here are incredible. They are always accessible to the students and do a great job of reaching out to the students as seen in the potlucks and outside of school events that go on throughout the year. I am glad I chose Humboldt; it has exceeded my expectations of graduate school."