Program Requirements

Applicants must have an appropriate undergraduate degree which includes a background in the following areas: linear algebra, numerical analysis, probability and statistics, and differential equations. The applicant should submit Graduate Record Examination test scores from the general exam.

Environmental Systems Required Courses
  • STAT 530 Environmental Systems Data Collection & Analysis 4
  • SCI 697 Special Topics in Environmental Systems 3-4
  • SCI 698 Graduate Colloquium in Environmental Systems 1-3
Mathematical Modeling Option Required Courses
  • MATH 521(Applied Stochastic Processes)
  • MATH 561 (Dynamic Systems)
  • MATH 562 (Model Fitting)
  • MATH 595 (Mathematical Modeling Practicum)
  • MATH 580 (Selected topics in Mathematics-at least 3 units)

The student must complete a program consisting of approved upper division and graduate level courses in a coherent package to bring the total number of units to at least 30.

Financial Support

It is well-documented that completing a graduate degree can significantly increase your life-time earning potential. However, when you are entering a graduate program, the financial aspects of continuing your education may seem overwhelming. This page is designed to give you necessary information on the financial support to complete your Masters degree in Math Modeling at Humboldt State.

Registration Fees

For graduate "registration fees" (tuition) (in-state and out-of-state) please see the HSU Financial Services for their description of Registration and Tuition Fees. Typically, domestic out-of-state graduate students can establish residency in a year (for more information on establishing residency, visit the residency section of our Admissions site). (International students must continue to pay out-of-state fees.)

Cost of Living

For some information on living expenses in the area (housing costs, transportation, etc.) please see visit our financial aid site.

Incoming students have the following sources of support:

Teaching assistantships

Typically, our qualified graduate students (students with a mathematics undergraduate degree) are able to teach in the Mathematics Department either as Teaching Assistants in large courses or teach their own courses in the capacity of Teaching Associates. To apply for a TA-ship, you need to contact the Math Department Chair and submit [one letter] of recommendation testifying to your promise to be a good instructor. The TA-ships provide approximately $9000 annual salary (May 2009 figure) paid in 12 monthly increments for 15 hours or work (4 WTU).

Fee waivers

In-state students who work as Teaching Assistants/Associates receive and in-state fee waiver in addition to their salary. Out-of-state students are eligible for an out-of-state tuition fee waiver. If granted, this out-of-state tuition fee waiver does not fully cover out- of-state tuition." This year was really limited, but in the past some students have had the majority of their fees covered.

Mathematics Department Scholarships

The HSU Mathematics Department offers several scholarships each year. Graduate students are eligible to apply for the Latika Patel Scholarship.

Reseach Funding

Research funding is often available for some of our students. Email Dr. Bori Mazzag for info.)

Graduate Students may find useful information (collection of university- and system-wide funding opportunities) on the Research and Graduate Studies University Scholarship/Fellowship Information page.

All students should review information available from the Financial Aid website here at Humboldt State University.

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