Sushi Agogo

Sushi Agogo
Entrepreneurs, Theater Arts
Class of '05, '06

Sushi Agogo
Arcata, CA

Who says sushi has to have fish in it? Thanks to the imaginative founders of Agogo even vegetarians can partake in this delectable cuisine.

Agogo is a mobile vegetarian-sushi eatery run by two entrepreneurial HSU Art alums, Kalindi Rogers and Erin Slattery. The two were like any other taco-truck-cruising college students when they got the bright idea to start their own traveling restaurant cart with a healthy twist. "I mean, I love burritos, but just how many of those things can any one person eat?" asks Kalindi.

Erin and Kalindi took their sushi cart vision and turned it into a reality with some hard work, lots of creativity and a very helpful $25,000 check from the Economic Fuel competition, which is sponsored, in part, by HSU's School of Business.

"Economic Fuel gave us the chance to meet all these people in the community who have gone through this same start-up process themselves," says Kalindi. "Their advice was a huge help, because we can't afford to make mistakes or take a trial-and-error approach to this business. We couldn't have launched like this without the people we met—their advice was invaluable."

The business advice helped get them started, but their tasty food is what keeps the business running. The duo makes ready-made meals and customizable rolls using seaweed, seasoned rice, nut butters, and fresh, local ingredients.

Agogo can be found behind Recycled Youth at G and 16th streets in Arcata. Because they are mobile they can also be found at local festivals like the Sustainable Living Arts and Music Festival.

What should you order at a vegetarian sushi truck? "One of our favorites," says Erin, "is our spicy peanut roll. It's made with spicy peanut sauce, avocado, red pepper, carrots, cilantro and-the flavor combination is so startling and so fulfilling-it's been a consistent knock out."