Wesley Chesbro

Wesley Chesbro
CA. State Assemblyman
Attended 1969-1973

Wesley Chesbro
Sacramento, CA

Who would have predicted that Wesley Chesbro's stint in Humboldt State's student government would prove the beginning of a career in public service that would span over 37 years and include two terms in the California State Senate? Actually, if you knew Wes in those early days, you probably wouldn't have been surprised one bit. After all, he was elected to the Arcata City Council at the tender age of 22.

Wes served on both the city council and the Humboldt County Board of Supervisors. During that time he helped to found both the Arcata Community Recycling Center and the Northcoast Environmental Center, serving as the first Executive Director of both organizations.

In 1990 Wes became a founding member of California's Integrated Waste Management Board, where he helped guide California to a 50 percent reduction in waste going to landfills through recycling and waste reduction programs.

As a state Senator Wes achieved the Chairmanship of the Senate Budget Committee, where he was a champion for higher education, K-12 education, environmental protection, local government and rural health care.

Upon leaving the State Senate in 2006 due to term limits, Wes was re-appointed to the Integrated Waste Management Board and worked to push waste reduction beyond 50 percent and focused on reducing the contribution waste management makes to global warming. In 2008 Wes was elected to the California State Assembly, earning more than 70 percent of the vote.

What inspired Wes to devote so much of his life to serving the public? "I was raised in a family where I was taught that your actions speak louder than your words," the former senator explains. "My father was a minister and my mother was a school teacher and they spent their lives serving others. It was their example that led me to a life of public service."

Wes and his wife, Cindy, have two sons, Alan and Collin. Chesbro is very proud that his son Alan is currently a student at Humboldt State University, majoring in political science.